Our most recent statements in English can be read here.

Red Action / Red Initiative is a communist organisation formed 2020 through the unification of Red Action from Croatia (formed 2008) and Red Initiative from Serbia (formed 2002). The decision to merge was based on the following conclusions:

1) The global capitalist system remains the key obstacle to the liberation of Humanity, threatening to cause irreparable environmental damage and consequently questioning the basic preconditions of human survival. The key factor of Capitalism’s survival is the lack or insufficient strenght of the movement which is supposed to enable the revolutionary change of the mode of production. Building and empowering this movement is the task of all the groups and individuals who seek liberation from exploitation and rescuing the planet from destruction.

2) Nationalism remains the main instrument of the ruling forces against the left and revolutionary democratic and socialist changes in the Balkans. Nationalism cannot be an instrument of liberation of the peninsula nor any country individually. It is always an instrument for maintaining the conflicts between the peoples of the Balkans and dependence of the entire region on the imperial Metropole. Progressive changes can only be common if the equality of each nation and people is respected. Therefore, we are establishing one joint organisation operating in several countries. This includes joint strategic and ideological leadership, while tactical decisions are to be made on the level of the organisation in each country.

3) A Communist organisation is not a purpose in itself but rather a mechanism for building cadres and strengthening struggles. Communists are not here to preach or quarrel with the left but to put themselves in the front lines of all progressive struggles in their local communities and work for their unification with other struggles into one revolutionary direction. That includes all the social struggles of a working-class and all the struggles against the nationalist, racist, gender, sexual and any other oppression. Therefore our organisation is primarily focused on strengthening those struggles in our base communities rather than being the purpose in itself.

4) Communism is opposed to every dogmatism and fetishism of individual tactics. All the methods of struggle can potentially be legitimate, whether they are legal or otherwise, if useful in the development of progressive struggles. Also, the communist organization cannot live in the past and fight the lost wars of socialist countries and movements from the previous century, but it must stand up to anti-communist propaganda – from the left
or the right – whose main purpose is the demobilization of revolutionary movement.

The new organisation will act in the future under the name Red Action / Red Initiative, and its members will endeavour to be the key actors in their local progressive struggles while at the same time constructing common regional revolutionary movement with the goal of changing the social system. We hope that we will find new comrades and comrades-in-arms in the course of this struggle.

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