Uoči izbora u Grčkoj / Support for NAR and Antarsya

U Grčkoj se 21. maja održavaju parlamentarni izbori. Zemlja se već desetljećima suočava s teškom krizom koju je buržoazija iskoristila za dodatno pljačkanje skromnih javnih službi i otimanje teško izborenih prava radničke klase. To kontinuirano pogoršanje socijalne situacije pratio je i rast snage fašističkih bandi u službi sistema. Među onima koje se dosljedno suprostavljaju tom... Continue Reading →

Red Initiative May Day Conference

The membership of the Red Initiative met on May 1, 2023 in Kragujevac for actions to mark the First of May and to hold its conference. After successfully conducting actions on the ground, The Third Conference of RI took place. Topics that were discussed at conference were the current phase of imperialism and war, social... Continue Reading →

Where are the sanctions? Where is the intervention?

A handful of rich mercenaries trained by CIA appeared last year in Western media announcing that they have overthrown the government in Venezuela. Although they had almost no support in the country, their overthrowing has been represented in the West as a massive people's democratic revolution. Most of the Western governments have recognised them as... Continue Reading →

NAR (Greece), CA/CI: Refugees Did Not Cause the World Crisis, Capitalism Did

Racism and xenophobia are spreading in the Balkans faster than a virus. Conservative, extreme right and fascist forces supported by the mass media and local governments create an inhuman situation for the refugees. Images from the borders of Croatia/Bosnia-Herzegovina/Serbia show brutality of repressive forces: policemen cut refugee's hair and spray-paint crosses on their head. Similar... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus in Serbia and Croatia

Pandemic crisis has speeded-up the destructive politics already at work: collapse of the public health system, erosion of working conditions and workers rights, and urban policies. The health situation in Croatia is still under control and within capabilities of the almost destroyed health system, which could not bear much more. The class divisions in the... Continue Reading →

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